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Rain, ocean waves crashing, river, waterfall, rainforest, wind, and thunderstorm are nature sounds that can help you when you're feeling stressed, tired, or distracted.

Here are the most popular nature sounds on Pluvioniverse.

Rain sounds

Rain sounds is the most popular sound on Pluvioniverse. It can help you improve your concentration and your focus.

Ocean waves sounds

Ocean waves crashing is the most relaxing sound that can help you relax and achieve deep and restful sleep.

River sounds

River sounds is an ideal sound for relaxation. It's a natural sound that can help you relax and get a better quality sleep.

About Us

Our mission: Make your world a peaceful universe.

Pluvioniverse is a web app designed for nature sounds lovers. It provides free online streaming of rain sounds, ocean waves crashing, river sounds, waterfall sounds, rainforest sounds, wind sounds, and thunderstorm sounds without requiring any download. Moreover, you can listen to any music you love to hear on top of the nature sounds for a better experience.

Why listening to Pluvioniverse? Simply because it is very helpful while working, studying, and also to relax and sleep better.

How it all started:

Created by a young insomniac named Fath, Pluvioniverse started as a project in 2011 and was originally under the name MyRainy Piano. As any insomniac knows, sleeplessness can affect your health in many ways: less concentration, memory issues, fatigue... and doctors suggestions aren't always working. That's why this young insomniac decided to create a simple but effective solution to the problem.

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